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Ports of JTS to other languages

or Platform
GEOS C/C++ Bindings exist for Python (Shapely), Ruby, R
Net Topology Suite C#  
JSTS JavaScript Partial port as of March 2011

Bindings of JTS & GEOS to other languages

or Platform
Shapely Python from GEOS
RGeo Ruby from GEOS

Systems using JTS & GEOS

A (non-exhaustive) list of systems and projects using JTS technology (including the ports to .NET and C++).


(including OpenJUMP,
SkyJUMP, deeJUMP, Kosmo)
desktop GIS client GPL
JEQL Geospatial data processing and ETL tool
JCS Conflation Suite Geospatial data conflation tools
deegree Geospatial tool suite
geoKettle spatial ETL tool GPL
Geomajas Web mapping framework using GWT
GeoScript Scripting using JTS and bindings to JavaScript, Python, Scala, and Groovy
GeoServer Web map server LGPL
GeoTools geospatial data handling framework LGPL
gvSIG GIS GUI client
HatBox spatial extension to H2 and Derby Java databases
HibernateSpatial Spatial ORM layer
JAI-Tools Raster/Image processing language
JASPA Spatial database extension for PostgreSQL and H2
Mapyrus graphic generation language
MoxieMedia IMF Web mapping framework Commercial
OGC SWE Common Data Framework
OrbisGIS GIS system GPL3
Puzzle-GIS GIS GUI client
RoadMatcher Linear Network conflation tool
Sextante GIS GIS client
Straightedge 2D polygon library for games. Provides path-finding and lighting
uDig GIS GUI client



Relevant Articles


Academic References to JTS

Other Geometry APIs

Links to other geometry APIs which provide some similar functionality to JTS.

Note: Inclusion on this list makes no endorsement of availability, functionality, performance, correctness, or robustness.
Name Description Implementation
Boolean by Klaus Howerda C++
Boost.Geometry (AKA Generic Geometry Library)
by Barend Gehrels and Bruno Lalande
Boost.Polygon by Lucanus Simonson and Gyuszi Suto C++
CGAL cgal.org (Freeware)
geometryfactory.com (Commercial)
Clippoly by Klamer Schutte C++
Clipper Clipping library for polygons, lines and curves
by Angus Johnson
Delphi, C++, C#
FastGEO by Arash Partow Object Pascal
GPC (General Polygon Clipper) by Alan Murta C
GPC for Java by Daniel Bridenbecker Java
PolyBoolean by Michael Leonov C++
Wykobi Geometry Library by Arash Partow C++

Other Software Resources

Papers on Relevant Topics in Computational Geometry

Polygon Overlay

Spatial Topological Relationships