JTS Topology Suite version 1.12

Interface GeometryComponentFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
ComponentCoordinateExtracter, LinearComponentExtracter

public interface GeometryComponentFilter

Geometry classes support the concept of applying a GeometryComponentFilter filter to the Geometry. The filter is applied to every component of the Geometry which is itself a Geometry and which does not itself contain any components. (For instance, all the LinearRings in Polygons are visited, but in a MultiPolygon the Polygons themselves are not visited.) Thus the only classes of Geometry which must be handled as arguments to filter(com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry) are LineStrings, LinearRings and Points.

A GeometryComponentFilter filter can either record information about the Geometry or change the Geometry in some way. GeometryComponentFilter is an example of the Gang-of-Four Visitor pattern.


Method Summary
 void filter(Geometry geom)
          Performs an operation with or on geom.

Method Detail


void filter(Geometry geom)
Performs an operation with or on geom.

geom - a Geometry to which the filter is applied.

JTS Topology Suite version 1.12